Travel Insurance for Expensive Kit


Sometimes when you go on holiday you’ll have to take a lot of expensive equipment with you. If you’re planning a sporting holiday or an adventure holiday then you may have some equipment with you that normal travel insurance won’t cover. However, if you get travel insurance that covers expensive kit like audio equipment, computer equipment and diving equipment then you won’t have to worry about a thing.

There are all sorts of levels of cover available but if you use any of the following things on your holiday then you should definitely consider getting UK travel insurance to make sure you’re covered should you lose, break or damage any of it while you’re on holiday.

Audio Equipment
If you’re planning on using audio equipment to record sounds or music and you think that your equipment could be in jeopardy because of where and when you plan on using it then you should definitely get some cheap travel insurance.

Computer Equipment
While you’re abroad it may be very difficult to get yourself to a computer repair shop so making sure that you’re covered should the worst happen while you’re abroad is the smart thing to do. Most travel insurance policies have extra clauses for equipment such as laptops and computers.

Diving Equipment
If you’re planning a deep sea diving holiday then chances are you’ll have a lot of diving equipment with you so make sure you’re covered by your travel insurance if you should lose or damage any of your equipment while you’re away.

Kayaking Equipment
Kayaking is a relatively dangerous sport so make sure you are covered for sports travel insurance as well as UK travel insurance to cover your equipment should anything be damaged or get broken.

Musical Equipment
If you’re planning a trip that may require you to take your musical equipment with you, say, if you are a musician, then make sure you have travel insurance that’ll cover your kit.

Photographic Equipment
Let’s face it the best photos are usually taken in awkward places with barely room to stand or in a dangerous place with animals or what have you. If you have travel insurance then you can make sure that your photographic equipment is covered should you have an accident where your camera or tripod gets damaged.

Surfing Equipment
Like almost all water sports, surfing isn’t the safest thing to do. If you have a lot of surfing equipment then make sure you’re covered by your cheap travel insurance.

Telephone Equipment
Telephone equipment is something that should definitely be covered by your insurance if you’re planning a trip. If you have a travel insurance policy then make sure you are able to get your telephone equipment such as satellite phones, mobile phones and landlines covered.

Video Equipment
This is the same as photographic equipment and will definitely need cover by a travel insurance policy if you’re planning on using it while you’re abroad.

Windsurfing Equipment
Similar to surfing, windsurfing isn’t the safest of sports and while your travel insurance policy may cover medical costs should you have an accident, does it cover your equipment? If not, then you should consider a policy that can help you should you lose or damage your equipment in an accident.

Overall, if you’re planning a holiday and you need cover for expensive equipment such as those listed above then make sure you get travel insurance policies that actually cover you should anything happen. It can be a real mistake to think that you’re the only thing that needs protecting while you’re abroad.

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