Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Specialist Activities

If you’re planning a sporting holiday then you will need to consider sports travel insurance packages to make sure you’re covered should you have an accident. Making sure that you’re covered in any emergency situation is the smart thing to do and there are plenty of sports travel insurance packages available to cover you. There are even extreme sports travel insurance packages available for those of you who are planning a rather exciting holiday.

The type of cover available depends on the activities you plan on doing while you’re away.

Water Sports
White water rafting, black water rafting are some pretty fun sports and if you’re planning on taking part in anything like this while you’re on holiday then you should get yourself some sports travel insurance. The sports may be fun and exciting but let’s face it they’re not the safest of holiday activities.

Dry slope skiing or normal skiing is a holiday past time that people have been doing for years. Having some sport travel insurance will ensure you’re covered should you have an accident while you’re away.

It may sounds like a pretty harmless sport but if you’ve ever played hockey in a private school tournament you’ll know why sports travel insurance is necessary for this type of activity.

Mountain Biking
A great sport that a lot of people do these days and definitely something that you should be insured to do if you’re living on the edge abroad. Sports travel insurance will cover you for an activity like this.

This is a really thrilling activity to do and especially while you’re abroad because you’ll get to see the landscape from a totally different perspective. Fun it may be, but make sure you get some sports travel insurance.

Rock Climbing
This is definitely a worth while activity to take part in while you’re abroad. However, rock climbing can be very dangerous so make sure you’re covered with some extreme sports travel insurance.

Rugby & Football
It may sound a little pathetic to get sports travel insurance for a simple game like rugby or football but have you ever seen what the Welsh rugby team can do?? This is certainly something you should get sports travel insurance for if you plan on taking part in a game while you’re away on holiday.

Rifle Range
Shooting on a rifle range can be great fun and is a very popular activity for holiday goers. However, make sure you’re covered with some sports travel insurance because it could get a little dangerous if something should go wrong.

Trekking above 200m
If you’re planning a long trek up a mountain side or perhaps through a jungle and if your route takes you above 200m, then you will have to consider some sports travel insurance because weather conditions and various other aspects make it a dangerous trip to take so you will need to make sure you’re covered.

Overall, there are a variety of reasons that people choose to get sports travel insurance or extreme sports travel insurance. The sports insurance options are there for a reason and that reason is to cover you in case of an accident. Specialist activities such as sporting events and trekking, rock climbing and all sorts of other activities mean that the risk of accident is slightly higher so you’ll need specialist sports travel insurance to cover you should the worst